There are three main areas of Dr. Weaver's research including: 1) examining social entrepreneurship as a strategy for human and community development, 2) assessing the reach of social enterprises in the United States and 3) exploring civic engagement as both a pedagogical tool as well as a tool for community development. 

A summary of her research publication activity is provided below.  


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Weaver, R.L. (forthcoming). Social enterprise and the capability approach: Exploring how social enterprises are humanizing business. Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing.

Danley, S. & Weaver, R.L. (2018). “They’re not building it for us”: Displacement Pressure, Exclusion, and Protesting Neighborhood Investment. Societies. Access here

Weaver, R. L. Danley, S. & Otero-Vera, I.  (2018). Lessons Learned: Training Doctoral Students to Research Nonprofit Organizations. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. 

Weaver, R. L. (2018). Re-conceptualizing social value: Applying the capability approach in social enterprise research. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship. Access here

Kato, S., Ashley, S.R., Weaver, R. (2017). Measuring social value: Operationalization of the capabilities approach. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. Access article here.

Weaver, R. L. (2016). Social enterprise self-employment programs: A two-dimensional human capital investment strategy. Social Enterprise Journal, 12 (1). Access article here. - Received the "Highly Commended Article" Award from the Emerald Literati Awards.

Book Chapters

Weaver, R. L. (forthcoming). Engaged civic learning: Advancing student learning and community development. Submitted March 2017: Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Community Engagement and Outreach.

Policy Briefs

Weaver, R.L. (2015). How to help profit-making social enterprises combat pressing social problems. Scholars Strategy Network. Access policy brief here.